Finding a misplaced iPod touch using an app?

Has anyone discovered an iPod touch or iPhone app that will allow you to send an alert to your device so you can locate it when misplaced? The only thing I’ve come up with in my searching is using Apple’s MobileMe. But that helps you find it using GPS. If it’s in my home, that’s not going to help me. I just need a way to make it make a sound or alert so I can find it. I have the touch, so calling it is not an option :( Just seems like someone would have created an app for this by now! Thanks.


  1. Danielle:

    I too am looking for the same thing. With the kids and all I loose this thing around the house constantly. If there isn’t an app I may have to get one those key finders. You stick it to the back of your keys , remotes,etc and whistle and it will alert the whereabouts of the lost item. An app seems so much easier!!!

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