Hod do I stop my notes from being emailed on iphone OS 4?

I just upgraded to OS 4 last week. I love using the notes feature on the iphone and make new notes all them time. However, since I’ve upgraded, every single note I make gets sent to my email. I find this very undesirable and would like to find out how to stop that from occurring. I have tried changing it in the mail settings on my phone with no change. If you know how to change this, please help.


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  1. FiveForm:

    Simply configure, as follows:

    Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>look at info under each of your listed email accounts and if any of them says “Notes” along with “Mail,” go into that account and slide the switch to “off” next to Notes.

    If turned on for any or all of your email accounts, then the note will be sent to that email account as well as synchronized with Outlook.

    Hope this helps…..

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  2. Anastasia:

    i have the same problem, i never used notes before.. i am looking to try to use them now for my todo list perhaps…

    To stop the notes being emailed to the default email address:

    If you syncronise your iphone with Microsoft outlook 2002 or 2003, might not be thebest solution, worked for me…

    Create a note on your microsoft outlook.
    Syncronise your iphone.
    Open notes on iphone you will see that note there
    On the top left corner you will see accounts, click on it
    You will see 3 entries:

    *All notes
    *From my PC
    *your default email (xxxx@xxx.com)

    Then click on “From my pc”
    Enter all notes on your iphones in this entry only… they will NOT be emailed & they will still syncronise with microsoft outlook

    as you see not an ideal solution but it does the trick

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