How to fix an iPhone stuck in recovery mode when iTunes won’t recognize it?

Hello, My iPhone is stuck in recovery mode (connect to iTunes logo) but my iTunes won’t recognize it. On the rare occasion that it does and I click on the restore button, it starts to restore but when the progress bar comes up on the PHONE, it freezes on “preparing iPhone for restore” and then I get a 1604 error. I have a 3G iPhone, running 3.0.1 I believe. Please help me, I’ve tried restarting my computer many, many times and I have even used my other computer to see if iTunes would load it up but nothing is working.
I’m using iTunes 9.0. Thanks in advance.


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  1. jeremy:

    did u guys read his problem!!??. i have the same exact problem right now. he said that his ipod is stuck in recovery mode and when you plug it into the computer itunes wont even reconize it (like its not even connected. u can reboot, “hard reset” and it always comes back to the same screen where its telling you to plug into itunes. the ipod was halfway through the process of either being upgraded or downgraded and failed with an error so theres no software on the ipod.

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  2. הובלות בישראל:
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  3. Matt:

    Hey, i’m not sure if you restored it yet and i know this is a touchy subject especially the response i’m about to give…. My phone was stuck in recovery mode for 3 weeks after attempting to apply the 3.0.1 Update… I tried everything DFU mode etc etc etc… what ended up finally working was I had read how a jailbreak can kick your phone automatically out of restore so i tried it….. Ran redsn0w .8 on my 3.0 firmware and failed… I then took my sim out and tried again… failed again, i put my sim in one last time to try and it worked!! After having jailbroken my phone I restored it to the last backup i had i now have my pictures, E-mails and text messages back. In short try to jailbreak it after jailbreaking it, you can restore it normally and don’t have to worry about the having the mods on your phone.. It’s a means to an end as they say. Hope this can help any one who was struggling as badly as i was.

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  4. iGuru:

    I used to work at Apple. Try a hard reset…Hold down the sleep/wake button and the home button at the same time. IT should shut down, get an apple on the screen and then It should restart it. Have you updated to the most current version of Itunes lately? If so, make sure you have service pack 3 on XP or updates software on your computer. If that still doesn’t work, You want to put it in Recovery mode. IF YOU PUT YOUR IPOD IN RECOVERY MODE AND IT NEEDS TO BE RESTORED YOU WILL LOSE EVERYTHING ON IT. So BEFORE you do that make sure you have everything backed up on your computer ; ) I attached the link for Apple’s support website on this issue…A hard reset should work. Sometimes if you have a lot of apps open and you don’t shut them down all the way, it will freeze just like a computer.

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