Is iPhone compatible with an Android tablet?

I just ordered a NextBook Android tablet. This will be the first Android product I’ve ever purchased. It mainly focuses on ebook and comic book reading software, and other basics such as a web browser, video player, light gaming system, etc. Now, of course this Android tablet would connect perfectly with an Android smartphone, but I only have an iPhone. I doubt that one could connect them seeing as how they’re from two different companies, but are there any apps out there which could possibly connect the two? Could anyone recommend such software? I read somewhere that something called Bump works between two different systems? I’m guessing that I could pretty much connect the tablet to my computer and organise/add everything from there, but I’m afraid that I might be missing out on all the awesome things a tablet can do simply because I wouldn’t be able to connect the tablet to my phone. Thoughts anyone?
I know lots of you are dying to say something like: “Why not just get an Android phone/iPad, depending on the situation?” Truth be told, this tablet was a steal at around 100 euro, and I’m not too fond of Apple products. I got my iPhone before I even knew Android existed. I’m a technophobe, hence the question XD

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