iTunes 9 downloading problems/Apps?

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I got my new iPhone 3GS for graduation (20-dime!) and after goofing around a bit, I decided to sit down and transfer my music from my iTunes library to it. I don’t have a very recent version of iTunes so I went to Apple’s site and attempted to download iTunes 9. Now, I have Vista as my OS and when I input my e-mail and click “Download now” a window pops up staying that I’m downloading a file called: iTunesSetup.exe which is a Binary File. I looked up some vids and it should say Run as well as Save and Cancel but it didn’t. I found the file in my computer after a search and when I tried to open it it said something about a Wen32 file not being available. Does anyone have any ideas?
And my second question is when I try to download apps on my iPhone – my friend had used his iTunes e-mail and username to get a free app and when I looked to get an app, all it allowed me to do was input his password and I wasn’t able to change the e-mail to mine. How do you change this?
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