Best iPhone Calendar/Task list app?

I am coming from a Palm LifeDrive to the iPhone. As I have used the combined Calendar/Task list that came with the LifeDrive, I would prefer an app that has that same functionality (you can add a task (to-do) list, and calendar appointments within the same application, and then view the task list and calendar at the same time). Does anyone know if the apps store has something similar?


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  1. Yves Denis Poulin:

    The best will be “Agendus” from Iambic … It will soon be available for iPhone. It the best software for the Palm and Blackberry … I am waiting for Iambic to finalise the final version for Apple.

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  2. Rocka:

    It is hard to give any feedback without knowing how old is the question…

    Nevermind: the only real PIM (Personal Information Management) app out there is WebIS’ Pocket Informant. It comes from WM platform (and I used it on my WM devices). It gives you sync with google cal (whatever you get there, you’re saved) and also with ToodleDoo for tasks. So you get two way sync and one view of both – events and tasks.
    The main feature: week view. I couldn’t live without it and Apple ignores us “weekers”.

    So I can see my appointments and tasks for the given week on one screen. It syncs with given servers (safe backup) and so the events are in my Mac iCal through Google Cal snyc and todos are accessible remotely on my ToodleDoo account should the need be. It gives me also certain platform openess cause those two are considered standards so I believe future apps or devices must be able to work with the data somehow.

    Recently (as of today, 17/1/10) WebIS discovered a painful silly mistake in the code – remainder of a beta code which caused the app to stop working on Jan 15 2010, a joke… So I thought I could replace it with something else but NOTHING comparable occured in the App Store since I bought Pocket Informant several months ago. So I humbly wait until Apple approves their update. Now

    There’s nothing else really that could provide you with with PI MANAGEMENT not just kid play. Didn’t hear about Lambic, will check.

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  3. iGuru:

    If you like simplicity and just want the bare minimum, then Dobot is the one for you. Dobot provides a plain text interface, but with some really useful features. Usage is easy.
    Zenbe too simple with only a few functions. However it has two things that other apps don’t have: a backend sync with Zenbe and the ability to share your list with others. You can easily create a list for a collaboration project with your co-workers, sync it with your Zenbe account and email the share link to your partners.
    Also iProcrastinate Mobile is free, it does have plenty of useful features that are only found in paid apps. You can allocate your tasks under different subjects and assign different colors for each subject. You can also create smart groups to manage tasks that are due today, or to select different subjects altogether. When creating a task, other than the standard priority, due dates and notes fields, you can also add steps required for each task, and if necessary, add team members to the tasks. If you are looking for a to-do list app that has a nice UI and focuses on task organization, then iProcrastinate Mobile is the one for you.

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