how to clear iPhone google/yahoo search history?

I tried leaving only one window and clearing history and stuff but nothing happened I even held down the home button to fully exit safari but when I cleared it it still had my google and yahoo history


  1. Blake:

    First click the book button and then cluck history and clear it. The click button for new page shen google gets small and blank new page is next to it X out of the page you were using. Thd blank new page will automaticly open up to your chosen search engine (google,yahoo). The new page’s back button is unclickable and it’s impossable to see your browsing history. When you X out of the original page all your history closes with it the reason the new page has no history and the back button dosent work is because it’s a new page and you havnt been anywhere. No need to go to settings and clear cach history cookies

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