how to download free apps on hacked itouch?

i read this answer on another question. i tried it before . it worked. now i restored my ipod touch and hacked it again . it doesnt work any more. this is what i was supose to do heres how to get the free apps. -open cydia
-go to manage
-edit then add
- add this source
-once that is finished search and install “MobileInstallation Patch”, “Erica Utilities” and “UUID Generator”.
-reboot the ipod
-open cydia once more
-manage, edit,add
-add this source
-now search and install “Installous”
-reboot ipod again to be on the safe side now to get the apps.
-open installous
-search for any app u want
-pick the app
-scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen
-pick the version u want
-pick any link u want to download the app from and download it.
it really str8 forward.
-once the app is finished download
-click on a button on the bottom that says “downloads”
-pick the downloaded app
-then pick install and there u have
-now download hundreds of dollars worth of apps for free to use cydia and download more fun stuff that it does not already include u will need to add more sources. u could look on the net to find different sources that will add more things to download out of cydia. to add a source just open cydia and then pick manage>sources>edit>add. if u have cydia in ur ipod then installer is useless. cydia is like a better version on installer. winterboard allows u to change the theme or lockscreen on the ipod, it even lets u put a background on display behind the apps.
to get a theme or wallpaper just look for it in cydia and then install them and open winter board and pick it. but it worked last time
now i restored it . it works.. i could search apps
i could download it but it wont install properly..
it installs but it doesnt come on the come screen when i sswitch the pages. I dont know what to do??

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