How to hide text messages on iphone?

I am able to turn off the SMS preview feature however it still tells me i have a new text on my locked screen and when i unlock my phone it goes directly to the conversation. I want to know if there is any way to get all notifications for text gone or if i can turn SMS on and off completely?? And i do not have a jailbroken phone.


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  1. iGuru:

    The Apple iPhone has one annoying feature called SMS Text Preview that shows the name of the text sender along with a preview of the text message on the main screen whenever a new text message comes in!

    It’s a very convenient feature since you can quickly read incoming text messages, but it’s also a privacy concern. Personally, I tend to leave my iPhone laying around the house or in some place where someone else can come and pick it up and play around with it.

    It would be very tempting for someone to read my text messages if it pops up right in their faces! If it’s a message I would want rather have remained private, it would be very embarrassing. There are two ways to disable SMS Preview.

    Firstly, you can turn off SMS Text Preview on the iPhone and hide your text messages by setting a passcode lock. The only issue with this method is that it requires you to enter a passcode every time you want to use the phone. However, you can also set how long the phone has to be idle before having to type in the passcode.

    So you can set it to 1 hour, for example, so that if you receive a text message within an hour of using your phone, you won’t have to put in a code. The other way is to download a third-party iPhone app that hides text messages. Read below to find out.
    How to disable SMS Text Preview

    Step 1: Go to Settings and then General. Tap Passcode Lock.
    Step 2: If you have not already set a passcode on your iPhone, you’ll be asked to do so now.
    Step 3: After confirming your passcode, you’ll now be able to see the options, which includes “Show SMS Preview”. Slide it to off and change the Require Passcode time to something higher.

    The second method, which is better since it does not require you to keep having to enter a stupid passcode, is to download and install the Privacy iPhone app. It basically gives you full control over all SMS privacy settings on the iPhone.
    You can prevent the phone from giving any kind of notification when a new SMS text message arrives, or you can have it vibrate, but not show the message, etc, etc. This is what Apple should have included by default in the iPhone, but for some reason has not!

    This app is not free, but it might be worth it for those who really have to ensure privacy of their SMS text messages on the iPhone! If you’ve found some other way to turn off SMS Preview without a third-party app, post in the comments!

    Also, check out my previous posts about the iPhone like how to setup Gmail and Hotmail on the iPhone and how to migrate from the iPhone to the iPhone 3G. Enjoy!

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    I’m still learning from you, while I’m trying to reach my goals. I certainly enjoy reading all that is written on your site.Keep the posts coming. I liked it!

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  3. Evan:
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    Go to notifications>messages>show preiview> off

    Its free and you don’t have to download anything

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  4. ABA:

    In cases you want to hide/secure , your private text , try using PrivateTIP an application on app store , it works great .

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  5. David Alen:

    Every one having the same problem regarding hiding or locking text messages on iPhones. Recently I downloaded a program from and it hides the iPhone SMS button and replaces it with a fake one that you can edit. Basically it doesn’t show all the girls I am talking to.

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