Is there a way to sync Mozilla Sunbird with my iPhone easily?

I’ve read some articles about using some third party programs to sync things to the iPhone. I’m a Windows user that doesn’t own Outlook and I need a good calendar program. Is there any way at all to get iTunes to accept Sunbird as a calendar program that can be synced to my iPhone?


  1. iGuru:

    This is my method of syncing Sunbird with my nano. Hopes this helps somebody. Any comments, questions, suggestions for improvments?
    howto: Poor Man Sync between Mozilla Sunbird and an iPod
    Step 1. Create a new text file using Notepad
    Step 2. Cut & Paste code below into that file
    Step 3. Edit the variables (varSunPath, varipod) to match your system setup
    Step 4. Save file as “”ics2ipod.bat”"
    Step 6. Ensure your iPod is connected and in disk use mode
    Step 7. Double Click the ics2ipod.bat file. This will then copy all ICS files from your Sunbird profile to your iPod
    You should now have had copied all your ICS files to your iPod check it out.
    *If you only want a certain ICS file to copy over edit the varSunFile variable.
    *Create a shortcut or move the BAT file to your Quick Launch toolbar for easy access

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  2. Alwyn:

    I want to know too. F u c k itunes.

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