My iphone couldnt detect/connect to any wireless network?

alright, my iphone. its being weird.
it used to connect to wifi just fine and one day it couldnt detect any network. i have wireless network at my home and i connect to that through my laptop, but my iphone couldnt connect to it, its not a problem with my router or wireless connection, theres something wrong with the iphone. i really need an answer to it quick cuz i have only few days left for my apple protection plan to end, if at all its iphone’s problem then i’ll take it to apple store. anyone out there knows the solution to my problem?


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  1. iGuru:

    I would do some basic troubleshooting; turn wifi off/on
    if this does not resolve the issue, toggle airplane mode on for 15 seconds/off to see if that changes anyrhing
    if not go to settings/general/reset then chose reset network,it will ask if you are sure you want to reset your network settings back to manufacturer settings,hit yes
    re enter wireless network settings(network security if needed)
    if this does not fix it, hard reset the phone,check again,if THIS does not fix it, back up your phone in Itunes, restore your Phone,see if that fix’s it,if it does not…..go into an apple store, a place with a known good network,and try there,if not resolved….repair or replacement may be in order my Friend

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  2. John U.:
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    Well, my iPhone 4s would not hook up to the home WIFI, didn’t recognize a neighbor’s network that was close/strong enough for the laptop to register it either. I tried each of the suggestions above, none worked. However, my wife found a suggestion on one of the Apple websites and it worked like a charm.

    This may sound odd, but the suggestion was to power the phone down, seal it in a ziplock-style bag, and put it in the freezer for 1/2 hour or more. I froze mine for an hour.

    Took a long time for the battery to charge back up to where the phone would turn on, but WIFI was back, and other functions such as talk to text and text sending worked a lot faster. Seems to be staying charged longer too now, but a day at work tomorrow will really tell the tale I bet.

    Go figure. As I said, seems odd, but perhaps that deep-freeze zaps the P-ram like on my old Mac Plus or whatever the modern equivalent of zapping the P-ram is (yup, I’m that old).

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  3. Nicole:

    I was not connecting to any networks (was having this problem for a couple of weeks) and restored network settings as suggested by iGuru and connected right away. I am hopeless with technical problems – but all is well. Thanks!!!

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  4. Awn:

    my friend had the same problem, and he did a hard reset, and it worked.

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  5. Mahdad:

    I tried many suggested solutions. Initially, my network name had a – in it which I read it was causing the problem. I removed it and it got better. The problem with my iPhone is **NOT** the detection. It cannot maintain the connection. It detects my wireless network but the connection drops after a short while. I’ve tried all these “reset” things which were not useful. My iPhone connects to 3G, E, and other wifi’s except my own. My PC and laptop can connect to my wifi well. Is the problem with the router settings or with iPhone?

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  6. Jay-R:

    A) Remove yourself from your Network. Go into your network and select “Forget This Network.”

    B) Turn WIFI Off. From them Settings Menu for WIFI, you need to toggle the Blue On Button to the Grey Off Position.

    C) Reset/Reboot your Wireless Router. Wait for your Router to fully reboot.

    D) Turn WIFI back on, on your iPhone.

    E) Re-Connect to your WIFI Network. Re-enter your encryption information as needed.

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