What is the cost of iPhone in bangkok

..current market price


  1. iGuru:

    Sorry I bought 3 IPHONEs in Bangkok over 2 months ago at Central Bang Na Mall on the top floor and yes they are available un-officially. At this time the cost was around 22,500 baht
    The IPHONES come in the factory Apple Boxes from America and have been unlocked in Thailand by the sellers.
    Now I have been active with all info concerning IPHONE since I purchased these.
    The good news is there is plenty of hacks on the internet such as the Nullriver Software installer, that once loaded lets you download tons of cool programs for the IPHONE.
    You can even make any one of your MP3′s as the ringtone.
    The IPHONE video quality is second to none. I rip live DVD concert videos to MP4 for the IPHONE using IMTOO DVD to PSP Converter software and the video is crystal clear.
    I have a speed dialer installed, sms, weather, maps, international time clock, etch a sketch, Instant Messenger, You Tube, Games, around 800 MP3 and about 20 videos.
    So this one unit is easier than carrying a bunch.
    The camera takes very clear photos as well. One cool feature of the IPHONE is photos change the vertical/horizontal orientation by simply rotating the IPHONE in either axis. The touch screen zoom and full screen functions are nice as well.
    Since these models are unlocked locally, you can use any sim card you want in them. I currently use my AIS sim.
    However, the only downfall at this particular moment in time is that the IPHONE firmware cannot be upgraded, however, I read on the internet the latest jailbreak or hack for new firmware upgrades is completed.
    The IPHONE IPOD function has killer audio as well.
    The wireless function is super easy to use and will scan and find wireless hotspots where ever you might be located. Internet access, email, etc. all really fast.
    My only complaint would be the keyboard touch screen is ultra-sensitive.
    With a camera, IPOD, Videos, and Games, this is one unit that can do it all with a screen resolution second to night. The color of this IPHONE is amazing like HDTV.
    The IPHONE official release is scheduled for the very near future however, I do not know if this official release will be tied to one service provider or not.
    Since I travel allot, I like the unlocked feature and need to have it this way to accept any sim.
    Have already bought 3 and I use one everyday for past 2 months.

    thanks for the response!
    I also got this form a bangkok apple user group
    “”MBK is the best place that u can buy iphone. Price in MBK around 19000-22000 Bath”"
    so $665 might do me well!


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