Should I get an iPad 2? I already have some other devices.?

I’m debating between getting the iPad 2 32g with WI-FI and 3G for about $650 CDN. I already have a Windows Phone 7, iPod touch 4g (White), 17.6″ laptop. I have the money for it and a data plan with Rogers. I’m a practical person and have just gotten the laptop and iPod so I’m kind of in the technology faze of my life I guess lol. I’m only 16 but I have earned everything myself and will pay for all the iPad accessories, plans, and the device itself by myself. I like the iPad because its definitly more portable than my laptop and it’s big enough to watch movies versus the touch. I’ve thought about the iPhone 4S but I already have a phone so I don’t really see a point in it. All opinions are appreciated!

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