How to install a .ipa file on to a jailbroken iPod Touch 4g?

I have a .ipa file on my desktop and I want to install it on my iPod Touch 4g. I have jailbroken it by installing cydia on it. How do I install it?

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If I restore my Iphone 4 to 4.3.5 will it have the same baseband ?

If I restore my Iphone 4 to 4.3.5 will it have the same baseband?

My current firmware is:4.3.5
I need to restore it because Im stuck in apple logo screen. I never updated to 5.xx. I am just thinking maybe apple will automatically update my baseband if Ill restore it using shift+click to an ipsw file because it will contact from server. Just for precaution.
ipsw file = 4.3.5

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Will this reset my iPhone 5?

I downloaded a song onto my computer and dragged the file into my iTunes folder so it turns into an iTunes file, if I transfer it to my phone, will it reset it? Thanks!

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Whatsapp problem with iPhone?

I had a old iPhone 3G and jailbroke it. And then, I tried to download Whatsapp from a Installous and, after installing, it asked me for the 3-digit-code without sending me it because “application is too old”
Any suggestion?

Or is there a possibility to bypass the 3-digit-code by editing the IPA file?

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How do you sync pocket planes from one device to the other?

I just want to know because I just got a new iphone and I want to convert my ipod file to the iphone.

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I forgot my restrictions s passcode on my iPhone. Help!!!!! Please!!!!!!!?

I forgot my restrictions passcode on my iPhone 5 and now I can’t acces my restrictions. I tried restoring it then backing it up but the code comes back! I called apple and they were no help. Does anyone have any solutions that aren’t restore it and buying all of my apps and music all over again? Please help!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I don’t have a backup file where the code isn’t there.

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Issue with RedSn0w Jailbreak?!?

(I have an iPhone 4 (not 4s) )

I downloaded Firmware:
iPhone 4 (GSM): 6.0.1 (That’s the one my iPhone is updated to) (Btw, my iPhone is T-Mobile because it’s unlocked)

I downloaded RedSn0w:
RedSn0w 0.9.15 beta 3 for Windows.

So the issue is is when I try to click the IPSW thingy, the step you do after you click extras and then ‘Select IPSW’, It says that the IPSW is not supported by that version of RedSn0w.

Btw the file name to the ipsw I downloaded is: iPhone3,1_6.0.1_10A523_Restore

Can someone please help me out? Pleeeaaasseee? :/

(Please only experienced Jailbreakers. I’m a noob at this. And please nobody saying ‘You shouldn’t jailbreak it or anything’. Thanks. )

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File location of canceled iphone back up?

I tried to back up my iPhone4 (iOS 4.3.5) but it wanted too much memory from my drive that I had left so I canceled it in the middle of backing up, but the space didn’t clear up. I had 5GB of memory before the initiation of the backup process, it went up 3GB free during the process then I cancelled it, so after that I still have 3GB of memory left. I restarted the computer, still the same. I looked under C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup location but nothing is there.
Any suggestions where those files might be?
Details: Using Windows Xp sp3 iTunes 11.0
Thanks in advance

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How to bluetooth a video from an iphone 4s to another iphone 4s?

My boyfriend and I made a video on his phone. Now I want it on my phone too. We both have an iphone 4S but the file is way too big to email. Bluetooth doesn’t even show as an option. What do we need to do?

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Is it possible to see my PC screen on my iPhone 4?

This is urgent! My PC screen blacked out, and I need to transfer a file from my PC to a USB. How would I use my iPhone 4 as a temporary screen to navigate my computer? I only have a cord that connects from my iPhone directly to my PC.

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