my iphone 4 screen is completely blank but calls will come through?

yesterday after my mum phoned me when i was walking to school my phone sort of froze and wouldn’t let me enter any apps. A few minuets later the phone went completely black i thought it was because it was on low battery, but i have been charging it throughout the day and it makes the noise when i plug my charger is plugged in but wont light up and like i said calls will come through and the ringtone will go but you cant see the screen? i know for definite that i haven’t dropped it. what is wrong and how do i fix it?

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Why does my iphone 4 shows me that this accessory is not supported.?

For some reason my iphone 4 IOS 7 shows me that this accessory is not supported. It won’t charge. I tried two new charger but none of them works. Please tell me is my phone not charging because of this accessory problem. And how to fix it.

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I just updated my iphone this morning and my lockscreen seems to be darker and it annoys me that its there!!?

Someone please give me an idea on how to bring it back to normal without degrading the iphone ios software

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iPhone 5 problems, battery/volume buttons, help?!?

I’ve had the iPhone 5 since it came out, my battery used to shut off at 40% every time I was taking pictures or playing music, but after a few months it went down to 20% where it shut offs, it’s been over a year and a half, and I can’t take it anymore, it’s driving me nuts, what can I do? Also, my volume buttons broke a long time ago, they were basically stuck together, so if you pressed the volume up button, it stayed pressing up until you could balance it, recently they started working again although I hardly use them as I’m afraid they’ll stiff up again. How can I get the volume buttons fixed so I’m not worried about them breaking again and fix my iPhone from dying at 20%? I don’t want to spend 100$’s at Apple’s store getting this fixed, what are the estimated charges? Thanks so much in advanced!

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App trouble help!?

So I just loaded a new app onto my iPhone and it won’t open! It’s so annoying I tried turning my phone off then on and it still won’t open it just comes up with the opening screen then dosnt actually go into the app?! Any ideas how to open it?!

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icloud locked iphone 5 can be used or not with r sim 7?

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My Iphone 5 screen not working! It was working fine last night and water didn’t touch it at all. What do I do?

I can’t slide to unlock my phone and enter in my password and when i used siri to get to the unlock screen i couldn’t enter in the numbers

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How do I Bluetooth android to iphone?

I need my songs/ sounds switched over. Help please

Sorry if I asked this question twice. I tried posting once but it didn’t show up so I did it again. If that caused double posting I do apologize

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Does My Iphone 5 battery discharge too fast?

I had my iphone 5 since february 2013, and lately I noticed that that the battery discharges more often than ever before.
-Does anyone know what can I do about it?
-Does anyone know what is the average lifetime for the battery? because sometimes mine discharges too fast. For example: a couple of days ago I fully charged by 8pm, and by 11am next morning only had 20% charge left. I didn’t use it overnight and only had few phone calls and text messages in the morning.
-Does cold weather affect the battery? I guess my battery is wearing off because I live in Siberia, local temperature during winter is -30F and my phone often freezes to the point where it turns off.

Thanks for any advice!

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Does anyone how to make a video meme on your iPhone or PC?

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