Iphone 4 will not turn on after dying?

I recently got a used iphone 4 and it already has a battery drain issue that is yet to be fixed but my phone died earlier today and has been dead all day. after a while the dead batter screen (the one showing the red batter) saying you need to charge stopped showing up too. no matter how much i press the power button it doesnt turn on i put it on the charger for like an hour and nothing showed up. idk whats wrong but i really need an answer because its very frustrating. i tried the reset thing it the home and power button nothing works. i dont have a warranty because its a used apple iphone 4g 32 gig unlocked.

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Is it a mistake to buy an old iPhone?

Hello, thanks for looking at my question.

I want to know if it is a mistake to buy an older model of iPhone.

When I say older, I mean the 3g or 3gs model. I’ve never been a smartphone or iPhone user before. I’ve always had cheap cellphones. Nothing more expensive than $100. And for the last 6 months or so, I haven’t had a cellphone at all. I’ve just used my home and work land line telephones and kinda got used to life without a cellphone. I have however had an iPod touch for a number of years (love it), and I understand the Apple operating system inside and out.

Now that I’m in the market for a new phone, it seems like a cheap older model iPhone might be a good fit. However, I have concerns.

All the news recently about Apple and Google being spy central, and knowing that smartphone are basically data collection, tracking, and snooping devices for police, government, and corporations…

But, the convenience would be nice. Can’t count the number of times I wished my iPod Touch had internet access when I was away for home or work, so I could look up something, or use maps to find directions. For $120 or whatever an iPhone 3g or 3gs costs today in late 2013, maybe its worth it. I’d probably buy a refurbished and/or jail broken device.

So what do you think? Should I really steer clear of iPhone and smartphone and keep my digital independence, or should I join the herd?

See my conflict here? I don’t want to lose anything, but I’d like to gain something at the same time.

Thanks. I look forward to your answers. :-)
I should add that I DO NOT WANT to buy a phone on contract. I want to be able to remove the SIM card.

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If I put a screen protector on my cracked iPhone, will the glass peel off if i take it off?

I want to buy a more protective case for my phone and I was going to buy a screen protector as well, but I’m scared that if I put a screen protector on that if i would happen to peel it off it is going to peel out the glass that’s cracked. HELP ME PLEASE!

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Should i switch from Blackberry Z10 to iphone 5s?

hi i really want IPHONE 5s because it has more apps than my Z10 so should i switch to iphone 5s or should i just wait for iphone 6 ? thank you

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I have an IPhone 5 and just recently downloaded Ios 7 and now the app store is gone. I looked under all my files and I looked in Settings and it’s not there. It’s missing!
Does any one know what is wrong and does anyone know how I can get to the app store??

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Can I use my micro SIM card in an Iphone 5c?

I currently have a HTC Windows Phone 8x, which is on the 4GLTE network so I have a micro SIM card for it. The phone is messing up and I don’t have a warranty for it because I didn’t buy it directly from Verizon. I was thinking of buying the new IPhone 5c for Verizon from the Apple website. Can I insert my micro SIM card into the IPhone and use it without having to call Verizon to get my phone switched or without having to order a new SIM card ?

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iphone 4s screen not coming on? please help!?

im at the end of my tether with this phone! I had so many problems with it, and this one tops it all!! I can hear all the sounds like if I lock it, or someone rings or texts me but I can see anything on the screen??? its just black? ive tried holding down home and power button and turning it on and off, even though I couldn’t see it and nothing works! I am receiving texts and phone calls and I cant respond and when I receive a phone call I cant answer it either! what is going on?:(

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How do I set up iCloud on my iPhone?

I bought an iPhone 4 from a cash converter site.

I want to set up iCloud. I have a laptop.

I’ve downloaded iCloud onto my laptop.

I have no idea what to do next to set up an iCloud account.

Can you give me a step by step as to how to set up an account?

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Do iPhone 5C and iPad 4 support Internet Security and Anonymous Browsing Encryption on iOS 6 & 7?

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When is bbm for iPhone coming out in the uk ?

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