If I Jail break my ipod 4 and I crack the screen can i send it in and still get it fixed?

i really wanna jailbreak it but i’m very clumsy and i drop it a lot. and i’m scared that apple wont fix it if its jail broken

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How to get apptrakr on iPod touch?

iPod touch 3G, iOS 5.1.1, jail broken
How do I install apptrackr, can’t find it on cydia

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IPhone 3GS help!!!!!!?

My dad recently has gave me his iPhone 3GS that hasn’t been turn on for about a year. I’ve tried to turn it on but it doesn’t work , I tried charging but the battery with the red inside doesn’t even show up . Ive never jail broken it or never dropped it in water if you can please help . Oh and I faile to mention that I have connect to the computer and tried to reboot it by pressing the home and the power button . Nothing works.
Please help me.

Thank you so much if you helped me . :)

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Why does my iPhone keep freezing?!?

Ok, so I have an iPhone 4S and it keeps freezing and it’s getting really annoying. I bought it brand new in October of 2012 so no it’s not jail broken and also like whenever I open a message abut a minute later it beeps again with the same message!

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Iphone5 jailbreak quick question!?

If I were to jailbreak my iPhone5 will there be more features than a iPhone4s being jailbroken? Or every jail break has the same features no matter what iPhone it is?

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I don’t have Cydia with my jailbroken iPod Touch?

I just jail broke my iPod, but Cydia didn’t pop up like it’s supposed to. Does this mean I have to jail break it AGAIN?

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What are the upsides or downsides of jail breaking an iPod touch?

I was wondering what are the good things or bad things about jailbreaking. I’ve watched a bunch of videos on it, and it looks so cool! And if it goes bad isn’t there ways to un-jail break your iPod? Thanks!
Also, answer this question about the Cydia app, thanks. :)


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How to fix my jailbroken ipad2?

I have a jail broken ipad2 and I went to erase all the content and now it’s frozen with the buffering thing what you get when you turn off your iPad iPod or iPhone please help. By the way iTunes cant detect it!

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iphone 4 DFU mode restore?

my iphone was stolen and jail broken and now i cannot get it back to working. it was fine at first and then all of a sudden the screen went totally black and now only enters DFU mode on my computer. I am attempting to restore it through itunes and when it begins to restore after extracting software, it disconnects and i get an error code like 1600 or 1601. how can i stop my iphone 4 from disconnecting in DFU mode?

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Safe to jail break iPhone 3GS with ios 5.0.1?

I recently got an iPhone. It’s a 3GS running iOS 5.0.1 and I was thinking of jail breaking it. But my concern was if its safe. I just got it and u don’t feel like wrecking it. So could someone tell me if it is sage to do so. And if t is a guide on how to do so or a link to one.


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