problem with my iphone texting?

When i text someone with my phone it gives them my email address instead of my name on their phone, it has been happening with everyone i text. what is happening could it a problem with my facebook account or something with my phone? how can i fix this?

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Iphone 4 ios 6.0.1 help?

i just updated to ios 6.0.1 and i get a picture sent to my phone through a forward. i use to be able to click the photo and it would pop up but now when i click to enlarge the photo it sends me to a white page with the name of the photo .jpg , JPEG 78 KB and i cant view it. whats wrong?

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Screen protector for iPhone 5 ?

A kid I used to go to school with had this screen protector for his iPhone and it made his screen invisible so he was the only one who could see what he was doing. Even though I was sitting next to him I could only see what was on the screen if I looked directly at him. I forget what he told me the name of it was. Does anyone know?

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An app that can download YouTube videos to your iPod?

Please name several.

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iPad/iPod/iPhone app help please?

I found a game that my little sister really wants on my iPad, it was in an advertisement when she was playing, and she asked to download it, so I went to download it but then it told me that I needed iOS6, so I installed iOS6 onto my iPad, and then I couldn’t find it again. It’s to do with creating your own monsters I think, and the action shots of the game are some monster things on shelves with names. She really wants the game and I’ve searched the App Store for ages so I’m wondering if anyone out there has the app and could tell me the name?? =D

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Read my question (about ipod)?

I started updateing a game then i double clicked home then i slid through my games and i saw the game that was updating and it did not have the updateing sign so i click ed it and the updates were not done so i zoomed out and tryed to update it again and i did not see the name of my game on the updates. What do i do? Please helP

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IPhone 4S and Samsung little girl?

I was watching tv one day and I saw this iPhone commercial and I knew I saw the cute little girl from some where…anyway can someone tell me her name

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Issue with RedSn0w Jailbreak?!?

(I have an iPhone 4 (not 4s) )

I downloaded Firmware:
iPhone 4 (GSM): 6.0.1 (That’s the one my iPhone is updated to) (Btw, my iPhone is T-Mobile because it’s unlocked)

I downloaded RedSn0w:
RedSn0w 0.9.15 beta 3 for Windows.

So the issue is is when I try to click the IPSW thingy, the step you do after you click extras and then ‘Select IPSW’, It says that the IPSW is not supported by that version of RedSn0w.

Btw the file name to the ipsw I downloaded is: iPhone3,1_6.0.1_10A523_Restore

Can someone please help me out? Pleeeaaasseee? :/

(Please only experienced Jailbreakers. I’m a noob at this. And please nobody saying ‘You shouldn’t jailbreak it or anything’. Thanks. )

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Need help finding an app for the Iphone?

I had the app on my phone, but I had to delete it and can’t remember it’s name Please help. I remember that it was a skateboarding game with other dimensions, and the guy who teaches you to play has two friends who have disappeared and he wants you to look for them can any one tell me what it is?

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Can you place an iPhone skin on top of a screen protector?

Hi. I currently own an iPhone 4, and just recently bought a skin for it. I honestly didn’t even know skins existed when I bought it. I originally thought it was only another name for “phone case”. But nevertheless, I found out AFTER I bought it. But I’m curious…I currently have a screen protector on my iPhone. I have a few questions…
1. Do I have to take it off, in order to put the skin on? Or can I just place it over the protector?
2. Are iPhone skins typically easy to remove?
3. When I got my screen protector, I had the people at Verizon put it on for me because I felt I was going to do something to mess it up…is it best to go to Verizon and have them put the skin on for me?


PS- If any of you are interested in what skin I’m getting, it’s this one:

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