Emoji on my iPhone 4?

I downloaded a new Emoji app on my iPhone to get the extra symbols all my friends have been using that I haven’t got, however none of the symbols are there. What’s happened?
Yeah that’s exactly what I’ve done, but the new symbols still aren’t there. Thank you both anyway though! Your help is greatly appreciated :)

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is it possible to fix an iphone 4s with a none responding screen?

i replaced the screen on my iphone 4s and my screen wont respond… the touch sencer is probebly broken so i bought a new screen and im wondering if the new screen would fix the problem

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Anyone know why I lost my notes on my iPhone 5 suddenly?

Hi, I’m not sure if anyone else has had this issue before but I hope someone may be able to help me.

Yesterday I opened the notes app on my iPhone 5 and they all just disappeared before my eyes. I didn’t touch anything or do anything, I just opened it and suddenly there were none. I’ve had an iPhone for many years and have never had this happen.

Does anyone know how I can get these back? I’ve tried looking for iPhone backup tools but they’re not suitable for the iPhone 5. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Cydia apps not working on iPhone 2g?

Cydia works but when I install a app or theme none of them work when I installed a theme using winterboard I respringed it and no theme any help pleas

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iPhone question itunes help?

I reset my computer to factory settings and i lost all my music, pictures, etc (as expected).. i have alot of music on my phone , but none of it is on my computer. Will it all wipe out when i sync my phone to itunes or is there a way i can continue adding music onto my phone without having to start all over?

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Why won’t my iphone charge?

Well I tried charging it with 3 different chargers and none of the work But if I push it in to the phone it charges On and off..?

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my iphone battery will not charge. what could this be?

my iphone is a 4s, fairly new as i got it shortly after the official release date. i noticed that it would not charge this morning and, thinking it to be the cord, switched cords, outlets, and to my PC charger. none of these will work now. however, i did notice that i charged for a short time on my PC until i closed the lid and went away for a while. the battery is fairly new but has never been rplaced, what should i do?

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What tablet should I get?

I have an iPad 1 right now and love it. Unfortunately it is getting to the point where Apps crash, and won’t be updated in terms of iOS. I also have an iPhone, so I prefer apple products in terms of tablets phones and music players. I am open to other tablets, but none of the tablets I’ve seen so far come close to the iPad. I’m not sure if I want a full sized tablet or a smaller one. I was looking at either waiting for the pro version of surface, iPad 4, nexus 7, or iPad mini. At first I completely ruled out the mini because of the lack of retina display and processor used, but I have a coupon for $100 dollars off which makes the cost around where it should be. What tablet should I get? The coupon also applies to the full iPad, but cost is a factor so if I can get away with spending less it would be preferred. Also, those aren’t the only tablets i will consider, please let me know if you recommend another. The tablet will be used for all around web surfing, videos, games, apps, and possibly will be hooked up to electronics in my house either to stream music and movies from it (like AirPlay on an Apple TV) or to control things (like a universal remote)

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where can i buy an iphone 5 knuckle case like rihannas?

i can find loads of them for iphone 4 and 4s but none for iphone 5 pls anyone i really want one thank u
thank u monica s but thats a wholeslae site ill just keep trying

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Winterboard 0.9.3907 not working?

Just downloaded winterboard for my iphone 3gs, ios 5.0.1. None of the basic features are working when I respring, the only one that works is ‘dim icons’. Some themes do work but majority not working. Please help it’s so frustrating.

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