iPhone advice needed?

Ok, so here’s the situation. My friend recently gave me his old iPhone 3GS for free.

However, it is locked to a network different to the one that I am on, he has forgotten the passcode and it needs resetting.

What should I go about doing first? Where/how should I do it?

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I need IPhone Help….?

My brother just got an iphone 5 and my sister already has the iphone 4s
somehow when he was syncing or getting his phone to work all of her data and music and contacts got erased. EVERYTHING. I’ve never seen my sister cry like this but i don’t know how to help her. Does anybody know anything to fix this situation? I just want to make it better.

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Ipod Touch Faulty Screen??????????

Ok here goes, i bought ipod touch 4th Generation 8gb from Amazon around 4 months ago, everything was fine worked great, i decided to sell it on Ebid as wasnt using it much at all, i checked it was working fine and pacakged it well sent it off and it reached the buyer.

Got a email day later from buyer saying everythings fine with the ipod

then got a message few hours later saying the LCD has gone and it isnt working.

Buyer sent me back the item and it is broke as i checked but was working perfectly before i sent it.

So basically i dont know where i stand as buyer wants a refund, but im stuck with faulty ipod.

Also im unsure whether Amazon will be much help in the situation as as dont think it came with a warranty

Any Thoughts or Advice?

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Getting an iPhone with 2 year upgrade and selling?

What would be the best way to go about this situation?
I’m due for an upgrade with AT&T. The iPhone 4 is free with the two year contract/upgrade. I don’t actually want the phone I just want to sell it and continue using my regular non smart phone and make a profit. How would I do this with the data plan issue?

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Should I get the iPhone 5?

Id rather not explain the situation necause its too complicated and it doesnt matter… Eliminate the cost, which is better the iPhone 5 or 4s? Why?

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IPhone 3GS cracked screen?

hi, I pretty much just dropped my iPhone 3GS on the floor and the screen shattered, I bought it brand new from apple in April, and I’m pretty sure when I bought it someone said it came with a free 1 year warranty, has anyone been in a situation like this and if I took it to apple will they fix it for free? If not does anyone know the prices for a new screen?

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Help with iphone problems?

I recently asked this before but i’m still unsure. My iphone 4 was dead so i plugged in my charger and as soon as i did, the apple logo appeared. It’s been like this for awhile. I already tried plugging it into my computer. People told me that you usually have to wait awhile like up to 20 mins and it will start working again but my iphone has been charging for over an hour. I don’t think restoring is an option for me because my phone is jailbroken. Just a few weeks ago my old jailbroken iphone became a brick after i restored it and i don’t want that situation to repeat again. My parents would be so pissed. What should i do ;( ?

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My iphone 3gs is locked?

My iphone3GS is locked and i don’t know how to unlock it. Its password was entered too many times and was locked. Here’s my situation- I can log in to my Itunes on my computer but i haven’t registered my iphone.. so when i try to register it, it says i can’t because theres a passcode on it and i have to enter, but alas… i cant! Anyone know how i can get my iphone unlocked without having to go to my local service provider store? or is that the only way?

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How do i block a caller on my iphone? PLEASE HELP!?

Ok major situation, i was chatting on omegle, and me and this girl were getting on really well, so i gave her my mobile and we started chatting, but then she got reeeeally weird and perverse, and so i cut her off but she KEEPS calling me…i mean 20-30 times a day! i’m really worried, it’s via email…i dont know what to do! i’ve told her back off over and over, i’ve tried leaving it, everything… please help i have iphone 4

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Need help with my iTunes/Apple/iPhone situation?

A few years back I set up an iTunes account for my iPhone and my mom’s iPhone. Billing on her card. Now I need to create another iTunes account for her phone so we can have different billing. How do I do this?

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