I got interrupted by an app while I was updating my ipod touch?

Mmkay, so I finally decided to update my ipod, and as it was updating, a notification came up on my ipod from an app (Bakery Story) . I didnt know what to do so I just decided to check that notification. Once I finished, it turns out my update had finished and I had no idea what to do next. I took out the cord connected to my ipod and put it back in but it didnt seem to be picking up the ipod on Itunes .. So what now? I dont know what to do with the finished ‘Ipod Software Update’ .. I really want to update my ipod :(

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Why can’t I restore apps onto my iphone 5?

upgrading from the iphone 3. I backup the iphone3 with no problem. I also see the apps displayed under the phone after I back them up. When I plug in the iphone 5 and restore from backup; it restores everything except the apps.
Is there a way to fix it?
Both the phone software and itunes are up to date.

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iphone 4 DFU mode restore?

my iphone was stolen and jail broken and now i cannot get it back to working. it was fine at first and then all of a sudden the screen went totally black and now only enters DFU mode on my computer. I am attempting to restore it through itunes and when it begins to restore after extracting software, it disconnects and i get an error code like 1600 or 1601. how can i stop my iphone 4 from disconnecting in DFU mode?

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Are there any issues with the Iphone 4 software upgrading to the Iphone 5 software?

I have been putting off upgrading my software on my Iphone 4 to the ios 6.0.1. I do not know enough about the software to do it. It wants 2.4 gig of available space to upgrade. I have heard from people that heard from people that it isn’t as good, you loose available space in memory,when you upgrade you loose apps and contacts. I’m happy with the operating system I have now but have a few apps that won’t update without the upgrade. Does anyone have any advise? I would appreciate the help.

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should i get the Iphone 5?

for xmas, my brother got me an iphone 5 , it was $800
i only gave him around $300, (i couldnt really give more and im still young :)

if i take it, i’ll feel guilty because its so expensive
but i really do want to take it :(

i suggested that he return the iphone 5 and i’ll get a cheaper Iphone, maybe an Iphone 4 or something

but im not sure how far the Iphone 4 can update (i’m talking about the software update, iOS etc)

so im really not sure if i should take it :(

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How do I jailbreak an iPod 5?

It’s running the latest software, iOS 6. I would like to know the simplest way to jailbreak it. Thanks.

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iPhone 5 very poor battery life?

My parents bought me an iPhone 5 for Christmas and I have found that the battery life on it is very poor. I have had no phone since October after I dropped my BlackBerry in the bath so I was looking forward to this iPhone (I knew I was getting it)
It is losing up to 20% of power in as little as 25 minutes. Although I do text and play music a lot, I don’t think it should be losing this much power in such a short amount of time.

I also have an iPod Touch 4th Gen, iPad 1 and iPad 4 and I play a lot of music, use lots of apps and internet on there too (especially iPod) but they don’t lose this much power.

When I turned the phone on yesterday, a software update was immediately available, to fix a bug impacting wifi. So I installed the update and then started to use the phone.

Does anybody else have any problems with the iPhone 5 battery life or is it just me?

The phone is on a pay monthly contract with O2 if this is relevant.
What should I do?

Rileigh x
The current iOS is iOS 6.0.2
Josh – My mum has had the phone since early November but never turned it on. The first time the phone had ever been switched on was yesterday morning. How can I need a new battery so quickly?
I just found this article! http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/287779/scitech/technology/iphone-5-battery-issues-reported-with-ios-6-0-2-update

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Can’t get my iphone 4 out of recovery mode.?

i was at itunes trying to update my phone’s software to version 6.0.1 from 6.0. at the end of the update it said it failed and my phone restarted. now i am stuck in recovery mode and i cannot get out of it. i tried DFU mode and plugging my phone into my computer but itunes shows nothing. i cannot see my phone in itunes.i have latest version of itunes

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Why Won’t iTunes Restore My iPod?

So, I found my long lost 8g iPod touch yesterday and I can’t remember the password for it. I’ve made the iPod go into restore mode and iTunes recognized it. After iTunes installs software for iPod, the pod goes back to the password part. What am I doing wrong?

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I have an Problem with my IPhone 4S?

I have an IPhone 4S with 250 mgs. For three months when i first got it, I had free unlimited data for three months. As soon as I updated my apple software to 6.0, my phone would start going to cellular data instead of staying to my homes WiFi network. And I only have 250mgs, which is a problem because I don’t want to pay for extra data. Anyone know how to fix this problem? Simple, my phone starts switching to cellular data when I’m connected to WiFi.

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