Will I still be charged $30 for using an iPhone even if I don’t have texting or data?

Right now I have a crappy phone that I use to call on and a friend’s old iPhone that I use for web and imessage to text (off of my email). I do not have a sim in the iPhone right now. If I were to put my SIM card from my crappy phone that ONLY has call, no text or data or web or anything, will I still be charged the $30 just for it being an iPhone? Thanks.
You can put the SIM card in an iPhone. I already did that and my friend told me to take it out because AT&T would recognize that I am using an iPhone and will make me pay the $30 iPhone fee. I just want to use the iPhone to talk. I know this is possible because I already did it, I just don’t think they recognized that I was using the iPhone for the fiver minutes I was using it.

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What website can I download tv shows on iPod 4th gen?

Ok so I got an iPod touch 4th gen and I want to download tv shows, specifically lost season6, I have a downloader lite so could some tell a working web site

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Is their an iphone app that allows to change the keyboard color with being jailbroken?

is their an iPhone app i can use to change the keyboard a different color and that stays that color at all times when texting/on the web and ect? Without my iphone being jailbroken.

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Pros and Cons? blackberry playbook or ipod touch 4g/5g hmmm?

Hi i’m debating whether i should get the blackberry playbook or ipod touch
i keep going back and forth, the playbook is soo cheap only $150 for 32GB model but the apps are really weak, i wanted it for browsing the web and just playing with some apps for fun

The ipod touch has the best app store and it seems cool

i don’t care about portability because i’m going to keep whatever i get at home, ill take it outside sometimes

anyway if you suggest ipod touch then which one? 4g or 5g? idk if the 5g is really worth it idc about the camera, is it really worth the extra $100!!

btw i dont listen to a lot of music, i just want a device to browse around on and play around with apps

give me some pros and cons for each

thanks you

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Should I get a Nexus 7 to replace my aging iPod?

My iPod is old and dying, I already have a desktop computer, and I like the portability of Tablets. I’d like some owners and users of these to answer. Is it good for web browsing and video watching? That’s what I mostly use them for.

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iPod Touch 5th gen or Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini?

Ok so for christmas I will getting one of these devices. I already have the sony xperia tipo, but if I buy the s3 mini, I will sell this. If I buy the ipod touch 5th gen, I will use the xperia as a wifi hotspot. I will use either for web browsing, video playback and gaming. I overall prefer Android to ios, and I like the s3 mini’s extra software features (s beam, google now, pop up play etc.). However, I like the look and feel of the ipod better, and it is cheaper. Please help?!!!

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IPhone 5 battery lasts 4-5 hours?

My iphone 5 battery lasts about 4-5 hours of normal usage, eg, surfing web, some music, maybe some app usage, ect. Everything that can be is either disable or enabled to optimise battery life. Is this normal, or should I return it to Apple?
@Ross M, I just said that I’ve done everything possible that can be done to optimise battery life, I just need the question answered by other users if this is normal to get 4-5 hours of usage. Read the description before answering next time.

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Third party web camera in Skype !?

How can i use third party webcamera application, like iwebcamera by drahtwerk, in skype 6. Earlier it used to work pretty well, I have been using my iphone as an webcamera with the help of the application, but now it fails to recognize the camera application at all. Any help folks !
well a rollback to last working version of skype solved the problem for now, but the solution to above mentioned problem needs to sought for later uses !
currently rolled back to skype 5.10 and the application works fine. http://www.oldversion.com/download-Skype- came in good help :)

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Which tablet reads and writes?…?

So I’m getting a tablet for my wife for christmas(baby of you’re reading, stop!).
Her old one died, but she mostly used it for reading. She loves reading, but she also needs one that can be used for writing in. A document program that is or can be installed (preferrable Microsoft Word) for taking fast notes for her job, then possibly transferring them to her computer later on.
She has the iPhone 4s but this tablet also needs to be able to surf the web easily, get on Facebook, watch movies, access Netflix, taking pictures and texting if possible are also very much preferred on it as well.
Preferably $300 or less. I’m looking at the B&N Nook HD+, the Kindle Fire HD and just heard of the Google Nexus 7. But are there others?
Which is the best suited for the job? If those were on your criteria, which would you choose?
I wanna get her one she’ll love. She deserves it, but I’m kinda clueless on these. Any help is greatly appreciated. Happy holidays. :)

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I have come up with an idea for an iphone/android app but dont know how or where to begin!?

Could anyone make any suggestions on where to begin please? Below are some key points that may be relevant.
Im based in the UK
Im not great with technology but I get by
I have serched the question but the web is full of people selling their services or scaming.
I dont have much money
Any answers or suggestions will be very much appreciated, thanks

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