Truck driving game for the iPhone/iPod Touch?

Hey, there’s this side-scrolling (not 3D) game for the iPhone where you drive a pick-up truck over really rugged terrain, like hills and mountains and ditches. Basically the object of the game is to reach the finish line before time runs out, and along the way you can pick up items to increase your time. Since the course is so rugged, your vehicle flip-out if you drive too fast over a hill–you can also do 360 flips and keep going, as long as you land back on your wheels. Also you have a damage meter that rises whenever you crash or smash too hard into the ground. Basically the game ends when you land upside-down and can’t drive, when time runs out, or when your damage meter gets too high. I played this game on my friend’s iPhone but I can’t remember the name. I also think that it’s for jailbroken devices, meaning you either have to download it online or it’s not available in the App Store. Can someone please tell me the name? It’s really fun and I’m dying to play it! (No I can’t get in contact with said friend.) (Bonus Question: There was also a 20 Questions app but it got removed from the store. Are there any others out there?)


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